Five Marketing Techniques Worth the Investment

Small business marketing budgets can sometimes be tricky – often because they are quite small or even non-existent! So it’s important to spend those marketing dollars wisely and get as much mileage as possible from the marketing strategies that you choose to implement. With that in mind, here are five marketing techniques that are definitely worth the investment:

Update your web site. An outdated or unattractive web site can sabotage your credibility and actually drive customers away. A visitor’s first impression of your web site often determines whether they trust your company and if they want to do business with you. Keep your site updated (in both information AND design) and demonstrate why visitors should spend their time and money with you.

Optimize your web site for the search engines. Like it or not, most people use search engines to find the information they are looking for on the web, and the search engine they use the most is Google. Make sure your site is correctly optimized, and monitor your progress on a regular basis. If the search engines cannot read or index your web pages, your site will be ignored, and you will miss out on the qualified traffic that would otherwise come your way.

Use targeted email campaigns. Make your message stand out by using email marketing that is targeted toward your customers’ specific needs. If you have several different types of customers using a variety of your products and services, consider segmenting your customer list and create messages that speak specifically to each group.

Send out E-Newsletters. Be visible to your customers and prospects by sending out regular E-Newsletters that provide useful information in your area of expertise. Don’t use your E-Newsletter as a sales pitch; instead, use the opportunity to stay in contact with your customers and provide them with something of value. This way, your company name stays fresh in their minds and reinforces a positive image of your business.

Network, network, network! This is an investment of time as well as of money, but it is one of the most effective marketing activities you can implement. Join networking groups, get involved in your Chamber of Commerce, and attend conferences and other events that expose you to new people and new contacts.

Use a variety of marketing methods that work together to give you better coverage and have some staying power (rather than a one-time-only ad or commercial). The idea is to get your message out across as many different marketing channels as possible so your business gets noticed ahead of your competitors. By investing wisely in your marketing techniques, you can stretch your marketing budget and achieve better overall results for your business.